The Sad Raccoon

He was sad today.  There was not much different today than the other days.  The raccoon got up from the couch and went to sit in the chair.  Maybe the change would help.  The chair allowed him to look outside the window. What's going on out there? he thought as he rested his head on … Continue reading The Sad Raccoon

Good Friday Painting

We just celebrated Easter.  It was different this year with everything going on.  Everything is different. However, the one constant through it all is God.  While the world changes, He never does.  On Good Friday, we are reminded of the great sacrifice of our Lord.  This video shows part of our celebration of the day … Continue reading Good Friday Painting


“Well, that was one of the more interesting places we’ve been to,” August said as the Doorway closed behind him. “There was no one there,” Francis said. “And it was too cold.”  He did not find the same things interesting that August did.   Francis preferred to learn about the different people of the worlds they … Continue reading Home-Base